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The Triple “A” wine movement was born in 2001 when its manifesto was conceived and drawn up.

According to the decalogue, in order to obtain great wines, producers need 3 basic qualities that can be summed up in 3 “A “s:

  • “A” for farmers

(the idea is that those who cultivate directly and with natural agronomic intentions can establish a correct relationship between man and vine and obtain healthy and ripe grapes)

  • “A” for craftsmen

(the use of “artisanal” methods and skills in the production process does not lead to altering the original structure of the grapes and the wine)

  • “A” for artists

(the “artistic” sensitivity of a producer, respectful of his work and ideas, can give life to great wines, expressions of the characteristics of the land and the vine)

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Triple "A"

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