Food and wine are synonyms of conviviality, pleasure and being together.

Banca del Vino in collaboration with Slow Food, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Albergo dell’Agenzia offers its spaces and the professional Knowledge  for team building courses, made-to-measure according to specific needs.



Wine tasting and the study of quality wines and traditional products/ “Presidi Slow Food” become an ideal workshop for stimulating the imagination, increasing team spirit and motivating groups.

Target clients
Businesses, work groups and associations or organizations wishing to offer the experience both to staff and to groups of customers, suppliers an dealers.

The subjects of Pollenzo’s team building activities are closely linked to the Slow Food philosophy (taste education, local produce)and to the promotion of Italian wine culture


Clients are divided in team in all the activities:

QUIZINWINE: every group has to find the right answer to understand if it know enough about wine. It’s a game to learn more about wine culture, playing and having fun;

THE WINE LANGUAGE: everyone have to compete with his/her own team to win 5 games that cover exciting wine challenges. Guessing wine in black glasses, old vintages and defects, at the end just one team will be the winner;

THE WINE LANGUAGE SHORT VERSION: this is the short way of the previous activity which includes 3 games. At the discretion of the client the division in teams;

THE PLEASURE OF THE TASTE AND THE HARMONIC PAIRING: each group will have a workshop about wine, cheese, salami or chocolate. At the end of these workshops every team should guess the harmonious match and the “menu”;

ACTIVITY made in according to specific needs.


For more information on numbers, schedules, costs and course contents, please contact: